• "Pas Une Marque is a Parisian label committed to providing an experience that goes well beyond clothing itself. Their latest collection touches upon a variety of social issues such as global warming, women's rights and surveillance... Pas Une Marque reflects a modern aprés guerre aesthetic that is wearable"
    - British Vogue
  • "The Capsule Collection titled ‘Potentially Unwanted Modification’ addresses feminist concepts such as social reproduction - that encapsulate all activities that are involved in the production of life. Terms like these are relevant because they help shed light on how social relations are reproduced and governed.
    - French Fries Magazine Italy
  • "Pas Une Marque is a Parisian streetwear label that aims to create a movement of like-minded individuals that strive for self-expression and have a unique thirst for knowledge. They believe in creating timeless pieces made through specialised washing, dyeing and sewing techniques."
    - GQ Magazine